Microsoft has drawn the line

Microsoft and Nokia, with the help of a jury, determined 7 winners of the second wave of the mobile developers competition called “The best applications – free promotion!”.

The conditions of the contest were the simplest: it was necessary to place (or have) your application in the Russian version of Windows Phone Marketplace and fill out a special questionnaire on the contest’s web page.  

The winners were chosen based on criteria such as the user-friendliness of the application and the quality of the technical implementation of the project. The jury of the competition consisted mainly of journalists, that is, the calculation was, first of all, on media figures, including Alexander Plushev and Alex Exler.

Anyway, the following programs reached the final:

– “Metro Maps” from Metrouter- “City” by Ivan Tinyakov

– Kids Connect the Dots Xmas by Intellijoy


– “Starved” by Stealth

– “Tomorrow behind the wheel” by Gorbatyi Alexey

– Crazy Ivan from DPE Ukraine

The prize for the finalists was free promotion on social networks, search resources and specialized sites.

In total, the organizers promised to allocate 4 million views to each winner.

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