Flash GAMM Moscow 2012 is over!

The organizers of Flash GAMM Moscow 2012 stated that almost 800 people attended the conference. They also believe that there would have been even more visitors if not for the early closing of registration.

The conference was attended by companies such as AlternativaPlatform, Adobe, Away3D, ZeptoLab, Alawar, Spil Games, Marmelade, 6waves and many, many others. By the way, the organizers promise that slides and videos of the reports will soon appear on the official website of Flash GAMM Moscow 2012.

The main attention at the conference was attracted by a round table with the participation of VKontakte. Many did not fully believe that Pavel Durov, the founder of the network, would visit him, but he came. However, after the round table, the audience was disappointed, because the meeting was held without loud announcements and announcements.       

Following the results of the conference, a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners was held The Flash GAMM Game Contest, in which, by the way, about 90 works took part. You can also get acquainted with him on the official website of Flash GAMM Moscow 2012.  

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