Not everyone wants an iPad

Potential tablet buyers are less and less interested in purchasing devices from Apple, according to Ipsos Mediact analysts, who provided detailed data on the current preferences of American consumers. 

Two years ago, a tablet was considered a luxury. A lot has changed since that time. Buying a tablet has become commonplace. The decline in the cost of old iPad models, the main and main player in this market, and the appearance of cheap models on the Android platform played a role in this. Moreover, the presence on the market of such cheap devices as Amazon Kindle Fire (in the USA), according to a study by Ipsos Mediact, although it did not call into question the dominance of the iPad in the market, it dealt Apple a serious blow. 

If in September last year two out of ten respondents stated that they were going to buy a tablet, but not on iOS, then in March of this year there were already three of them. However, judging by the data of the company that conducted the study, tablet manufacturers such as BlackBerry, Sony Tablets, Motorola and HP suffered even greater “losses”. There was a slight increase in interest only in Amazon and Samsung. 

Of course, it’s too early to shout the guard. Moreover, it is impossible to talk about any trends, judging by the infographic, which was also presented by Ipsos Mediact. Although the reduction of potential buyers of Apple products is alarming against the background of general interest in tablets, it is necessary to remember the constant growth of the assortment, as well as the fact that the new iPad disappointed many at the announcement. The company has not introduced anything revolutionary, apart from the screen and 4G support. In addition, for the first time after the release, there were numerous complaints about poor performance in games and overheating. All this could negatively affect the desire to purchase this device.

In addition, it is necessary to remember: it is one thing to get ready to buy and quite another to buy. iPad sales are now out of competition.  

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