Samsung Galaxy S III in Russia in June

The start of sales of the new flagship of the Korean company Samsung in Russia is scheduled for June 5 at 19.00 pm. This was officially announced yesterday by the vendor himself.

On the Russian page of the device, the company even launched a counter counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III on the domestic market.

The recommended price of the device for a model with 16 GB of internal memory will be 29,990 rubles. By the way, the price of the gadget from the “gray” suppliers is already lower at the moment – about 26-27 thousand rubles.

At the moment, Samsung GALAXY S III is one of the most powerful smartphones on the world market. It is built on a quad-core Samsung Exynos processor (1400 MHz each core), its RAM is 1 GB, the screen diagonal is 4.8 inches with a screen resolution of 720 by 1280 pixels.

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