Box office hits 09.05.2012 - 16.05.2012

Angry Birds Space and Draw Something are leaving both the American top ten most profitable games for iPhone and iPad; Minecraft: Pocket Edition turns out to be one of the most profitable apps of the week; The Sims FreePlay is gaining popularity again after the update; Rage of Bahamut has been leading the top grossing Android apps for a month.

Every week we publish a list of the highest-grossing games in the United States over the past seven days, briefly talk about newcomers to the top, and also comment on what is happening.

1 (1).

 Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – free

2 (2). Poker by Zynga – free

3 (3). Slotomania – free

4 (5). DragonVale – free

5 (6). Bejeweled Blitz – free

6 (4). Texas Poker – free

7 (17). Minecraft: Pocket Edition – $6.99

8 (11). Tap Paradise Cove – free

9 (37). The Sims FreePlay – free

10 (19). – Ace Casino Card – free

Of the surprises is, of course, the elimination of two heavyweights from the top at once: Angry Birds Space and Draw Something. They are “replaced” by the PC hit Minecraft: Pocket Edition, whose high cost and not the most convenient management does not stop fans from purchasing the mobile version of the most popular designer of the worlds.

Tap Paradise Cove and – after the update – The Sims FreePlay returned to the top. Among the newcomers is the Card Ace Casino game, in which a player can not only play with a one-armed bandit, but also with friends in poker, as well as sit down at the table with a “drum”.

As for the leading three, it has not changed. At the top of the medieval hit Kabam – Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North.

1 (1). Slotomania HD – free

2 (5). Poker by Zynga – free

3 (2). Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – free

4 (4). DragonVale – free

5 (15). The Sims FreePlay – free

6 (10). Modern War – free

7 (3). Slotomania – free

8 (8). Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure – free

9 (6). Smurfs’ Village – free

10 (7). Bejeweled Blitz – free

The Angry Birds Space game is no longer here. Her place in the top went to The Sims FreePlay, but for how long? Otherwise, the disposition in the top of cash applications for iPad has changed little.

Android1 (1).

 Rage of Bahamut – free

2 (2). Zynga Poker – free

3 (3). Live Holdem Poker Pro – free

4 (7). Slot City – Slot Machines – free

5 (4). Slotomania – free

6 (6). Defender II – free

7. (7). Tap Fish – free

8 (was not in the top). Tiny Village – free

9 (8). Draw Something by OMGPOP – $1,99

10 (was not in the top). Ninja Royale – free

Considering that in the top box office applications for Android, the first three positions have not changed for the fourth week (Rage of Bahamut has not left the pedestal for a month), and the sixth-seventh positions for the second week, the chart will freeze. It’s a good thing at least that this time it wasn’t without a “green” newcomer from Mobage – Ninja Royale.

Ninja Royale is a role-playing game whose combat system is very close in mechanics to Fruit Ninja. By the way, this novelty (the game was released on iTunes on May 2, and on Android on May 3) on the 16th occupied the 19th position in the Apple App Store in the iPhone box office apps chart.

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