The growth rate of free games on iOS (May 6-14)

At the top of the free iPhone games chart is the 100 Floors puzzle. On the iPad, the situation is different: the Highway Rider racing runner is the most popular. As for the growth rate, Ice Rage hockey is out of competition among free iOS games. 

100 Floors

Puzzle 100 Floors from Tobi Apps has been holding the first place in the top free iPhone games on the American market for the second week (since May 5). The game is a colorful clone of a similar product Dooors from studio 58works. Both projects are reduced to solving puzzles for opening doors. Only if it took Dooors almost four months to get to the top of the tops, then the Tobi Apps project managed it in just one day. 

Highway Rider

Highway Rider from independent developer Derek Arnd is also on the way to success. Yesterday, the project about a dashing motorcycle racer for the third day in a row held the lead in the free top iPad apps in iTunes USA. 

Despite the fact that the mechanics of the game resembles an ordinary arcade simulator, conceptually it is closer to Temple Run. The player’s goal is to cut off cars on a motorcycle while racing along the highway. Only for this points are given (actually, how many cars were cut off, so many points). The difficulty of the game is that the density of the flow increases over time, and it is more difficult to dodge collisions on a busy highway in time than on an empty road.  

The monetization of the project is based on the customization of the rider and motorcycle. So it is quite possible that in a week we will write about Highway Rider as one of the highest-grossing applications. The project has prerequisites for this: in a week since the release on May 8, the game has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

Ice Rage

The fastest-growing free application in the top was the brisk Ice Rage hockey arcade “for two” from the Finnish studio Mountain Sheep. During the day, the game immediately rose by 76 positions to 11th place in the top of free iPad apps.

There are several reasons for this. First, of course, the removal of the price tag: now you don’t have to pay a dollar to drive a puck with a friend on an iPad. The second reason also “lies on the surface”: at the moment, the 77th Ice Hockey World Championship is being held in Stockholm, Malmo and Turku. So it is quite natural that the game about hockey is popular. As for the monetization of Ice Rage, it is based on the sale of “skins” of hockey players.

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