Zynga has done it again (UPDATE)

The social giant recently bought Wild Needle studio for an unknown amount, which developed games for a casual female audience. 

Wild Needle is a startup created by Rick Thompson, one of the founders of Playdom, was formed in 2010. The following year, outside investors invested $2.5 million in the company. In March 2012, Wild Needle released its first and last game on iOS – Shoptown Hero social sim.  

The project has not gained wide popularity. It was removed from the App Store a few weeks ago. 

TechCrunch believes that Zynga paid about $5-20 million for the studio. This is significantly less than she paid for OMGPOP ($180 million), and even less than the amount Gee gave for Funzio studio ($210 million), also founded by Rick Thompson.      

UPDATE: The amount of the transaction became known – $3.8 million.

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