iPhone is the number one in Japan

The most popular smartphone in the land of the rising sun turned out to be a gadget from Apple. It has 30% of the Japanese market. 

Apple lags behind Samsung in the global market in terms of the number of smartphones sold, but perhaps this situation will change in the near future. This has already happened in Japan: according to the latest data from the Japanese market, the iPhone became the best-selling smartphone in the region in 2011. 

According to figures published by MM Research last year, Apple managed to sell 7.25 million of its “tubes” there. Such sales brought the company a share of 30% in the Japanese smartphone market and, most interestingly, 17% in the mobile phone market in general. 

However, Android consistently holds the leadership in the market of operating systems. The Google platform accounts for 69% of the OS market. For iOS, another 30%, and the remaining one percent is distributed, apparently, for bada, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry. 

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