Google is preparing its gaming service

There was information that the search corporation is developing a single gaming hub that will connect all gamers on the Android platform. There is also an opinion that the new service will be an analogue of the Facebook App Center announced recently.  

If you play on an iPhone, you may be familiar with Game Center, a service that connects iOS players to each other, allowing them to compete with records, show off trophies, and play multiplayer together. Windows Phone also has a similar ecosystem, which is an analogue of the more famous Xbox Live on Xbox and Xbox 360. In turn, Android fans can’t boast of anything like this. No, of course, they can use Open Feint in a similar way, but this is a third-party project that is not deeply integrated into Android.

However, everything may change in the very near future,” says one of the anonymous sources to Business Insider. According to him, Google is not only concerned about the lack of such services on the platform, but also believes that their absence slows down the development of the Android gaming market. Therefore, the company started developing its own version of Game Center.

Creating such a service will make Android a more attractive platform for both users and developers. Some believe that Google will also link the new service with Google TV, Chrome Web Store and Google+. As a result, including posting game recodes on Google+ may turn out to be a reality. 

Moreover, if such integration of Google services takes place, then as a result, the user’s perception of interaction with the social and mobile markets will merge together. In other words, this is how the company will create its own analogue of the recently announced Facebook App Center. After that, we won’t be surprised if the Chrome Web Store eventually becomes part of Google Play.

It is unknown when Android will have its own version of Game Center. And Google itself is not in a hurry to comment yet. Anyway, very soon – in June – Google I/O will take place, and they will probably tell about it. 

 By the way, you will be able to talk personally with Google representatives at the White Nights Mobile Games Conference, which will be held on June 14 and 15 in St. Petersburg.

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