Rovio has announced a new game (UPDATE)

The creators of Angry Birds, the most downloaded mobile game and, there is such a suspicion, the most popular game of the last five years in general, announced that their new project will be a remake of the popular puzzle, and not the original title. 

Just yesterday, Rovio officially announced that it had bought the rights to the Casey’s Contraptions puzzle from its creators Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut. Moreover, the company has already started creating a remake. 

At the moment we are reworking the project, our goal is to improve it,” comments Ville Heijari, one of the vice–presidents of Rovio. 

However, why redo Casey’s Contraptions, and indeed buy the rights to this title is a big question. The fact is that the game, whose gameplay boils down to creating levels in such a way that when physics is turned on, moving objects can collect all the stars on the map, is itself a reinterpretation of the classic The Incredible Machine. Wouldn’t it have been better to buy the rights to it? In addition, visually Casey’s Contraptions, released just a year ago, still looks great. That is, it is not at all clear what to redo in it? Redraw under Retina? 

So, at this stage, the transaction (by the way, nothing is known about how much Rovio bought the rights for, either), as you can see, raises some questions. 

The new version of Casey’s Contraptions will be released on iOS, Android and “other platforms” this summer.

We are preparing to present the game again, and to present it to an even larger audience in our special “predictably unpredictable” style,” explains Hejari. 

What this “special” style is is not entirely clear. Perhaps a hint that the previous Rovio game was presented to the general public by a real astronaut, being several thousand meters above the Earth. Considering that Casey’s Contraptions is mainly a game about physics, we can assume that this time we will be shown a real physicist and, possibly, a hadron collider.  

It’s a pity, but the original Casey’s Contraptions can no longer be bought: according to the contract, the project was withdrawn from the App Store. So, unfortunately, we will not be able to compare games in the summer. 

 By the way, it will be possible to communicate personally with Rovio representatives at the White Nights Mobile Games Conference, which will be held on June 14 and 15 in St. Petersburg.


It became known that the studio’s new game will be called Amazing Alex

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