Box office hits 02.05.2012 - 09.05.2012

Kingdoms of Camelot, after a two-week pause, once again leads the top of the most profitable games on the iPhone; Angry Birds Space is descending down the “standings” lower and lower, while managing to gain 1 billion downloads; Smurfs’ Village after the update is in the top ten on all leading digital platforms.

Every Thursday we publish a list of the highest-grossing games in the USA over the past seven days, briefly talk about newcomers to the top, and also comment on what is happening.

1 (2).

 Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – free

2 (4). Poker by Zynga – free

3 (1). Slotomania – free

4 (14). Texas Poker – free

5 (3). DragonVale – free

6 (6). Bejeweled Blitz – free

7 (5). Draw Something by OMGPOP – $1,99

8 (8). Angry Birds Space – $0,99

9 (7). Design This Home – free

10 (24). Smurfs’ Village – free

Kingdoms of Camelot is finally breaking out to the top of the list of the highest-grossing iPhone apps again. At the same time, Texas Poker returns to the top. Moreover, he jumps immediately to fourth place, as if pushing his competitor – Poker by Zynga – almost to the top of the top. Smurfs’ Village from Capcom manages to make an even sharper leap, overcoming as many as 14 positions in a week. Apparently, the latest update of the application to version 1.2 played a role here. Bejeweled Blitz and Angry Birds Space, which recently gained 1 billion (!) downloads, are steadily holding their positions.

1 (1). Slotomania HD – free

2 (4). Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – free

3 (3). Slotomania – free

4 (2). DragonVale – free

5 (5). Poker by Zynga – free

6 (12). Smurfs’ Village – free

7 (8). Bejeweled Blitz – free

8 (11). Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure – free

9 (6). Angry Birds Space HD – $2,99

10 (9). Modern War – free

Of the breakthroughs, this is, of course, the rise of Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure to the top ten again – this time, however, not to the first place, as it was in the 20th of April, but to the 8th position. The game thereby shifted the already seemingly eternal hit Angry Birds Space to a dangerous 9th place. Smurfs also showed good growth, reaching the top ten box office games on the iPad platform.

Android1 (1).

 Rage of Bahamut – free

2 (2). Zynga Poker – free

3 (3). Live Holdem Poker Pro – free

4. (5) Slotomania – free

5. (was not in the top ten). Tap Fish – free

6 (was not in the top ten). Defender II – free

7 (8). Slot City – Slot Machines – free

8 (7). Draw Something by OMGPOP – $1,99

9 (was not in the top ten). Smurfs’ Village – free

10 (was not in the top ten). Deer Hunter Reloaded – free

The first three games in the Android top have not changed for the third week. The first position is held by the Japanese card hit Rage of Bahamut, Zynga Poker and Live Holdem Poker Pro are competing for the second place with varying success. But since last week, almost the rest of the top has undergone the strongest changes. Such “old men” as Tap Fish, Defender II and Smurfs’ Village: each of them released an update in May. The game also got to the 10th place Deer Hunter Reloaded.

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