Facebook introduced the App Center

The world’s largest social network has announced an extremely unusual service that risks becoming one of the leading app stores in the future. With its help, users will be able to download applications to their own, including mobile devices, and developers will be able to promote their own projects more successfully. 

Very soon, the App Center will be available to both desktop and mobile users. This service, according to Aaron Brady, a Facebook official, is “a new place to search for social applications, which will also provide developers with new opportunities to promote their applications.” 

Actually, the App Center was created for the promotion of mobile applications using Facebook. So, first of all, those who want to present their own project on the showcase of the service will need to integrate it with Facebook. It is clear that only those who are registered in this social network will be able to download applications.

On the other hand, not all applications that support Facebook will be “on the list” of the App Center. Applications that have received low user ratings, as well as those that do not meet certain quality criteria, will not get there. Among them: a simple interface, clear content, the absence of significant bugs and intrusive advertising (the full list of criteria is here). In addition, developers will have to create a special page for their application, and also following certain rules. 

According to the authors of the new service, the success of the application on it will directly depend on its quality. To determine the latter, Facebook will take into account many parameters. Among the main ones: user ratings. 

The application will be tested before being placed on the App Center. 

The desktop and mobile versions of the App Center (both for iOS and Android) will be largely equivalent, since in the first and in the second case, users will be able to find suitable applications and run them safely on their devices (but this will only apply to applications developed in HTML 5).

If the client installation is necessary for the application, the service will send the user to his page in the App Store or Google Play. 

The App Center will also have its own paid applications, access to which the user will be able to purchase for the internal currency of the social network Facebook Credits. And, of course, no one canceled the IAP. 

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