Most mobile apps are unprofitable

According to the latest marketing research by App Promo, about 60% of applications do not pay off. Moreover, 80% of developers developing for mobile platforms do not have enough income to support and develop their own business.  

Today, the mobile application market seems to many to be something like a Klondike of the “gold rush” times. And where there are legends about fabulous riches, there are always prospectors there. 

It is well known about the richest, most successful, and the best of them, but not everyone knows how things are with the majority of mobile market prospectors. In this regard, the App Promo marketing company decided to share the results of its own first annual study. Based on these results, the company drew its first infographic: 

As you can see, mobile development is, unfortunately, not always (or rather, not for everyone) the road to multimillion–dollar earnings and the hearts of hundreds of thousands of gamers. Only 2 developers out of 10 can hope for the development of their own business, for some prospects. 

On the other hand, such a somewhat catastrophic situation is easily explained by the lack of experience of most of them.

It is well known that the cost of developing an application for mobile platforms is relatively low. For this reason, many novice or “garage” teams believe that they can succeed in this market. Hence such a high number of programs.

But the market dictates its own rules, requires serious investments, so at the final stage such teams are often unable to adequately promote their project. This leads to zero sales and negative profitability.

The conclusion from this is the same: it is necessary to work – at least for the first time – with the publisher.

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