Draw Something – a soap bubble

Zynga lost with the most important game project of the spring. OMGPOP’s hit numbers are plummeting along with Zynga’s stock price.   

The success of Draw Something turned out to be short-lived. The number of unique users using the app at least once a day (DAU), according to unofficial statistics, is falling from day to day. Against this background, investors fear that the purchase of OMGPOP, which cost Zynga $ 180 million, was a mistake. 

So it’s not worth being surprised by the twofold drop in Zynga shares in March. It is already clear that the company’s management, accustomed to buying up promising players in the market, and not nurturing original projects, should not be trusted.

One of the authors of The Atlantic Wire portal, Dashiell Bennett, told about the fall of Draw Something, who, using the AppData service, found out that the DAU of the project at the moment is 10 million. Of course, this is not a small number, but, for a second, at the time of the transaction between OMGPOP and Zynga, this figure was 5 million more.

Thus, the latter took the most ridiculous step: acquired a company whose game was at the peak of its popularity. 

At that time, Draw Something looked like a new Angry Birds, but the OMGPOP game collapsed down as quickly as it rose up. So for OMGPOP, it was the best time to sell. If Zynga hadn’t bought it, the company would have gone bankrupt and few people would have known about Draw Something,” Bennett believes.    

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