Earnings of mobile games consist of 90% of micropayments

Newzoo experts shared the results of a new study, during which they found out that micropayments by revenue captured almost the entire mobile games market. Analysts also calculated how many times the revenues of gaming applications from the App Store are more than those from Google Play.

The future is always a little ahead of us. It still seems to us that this or that event will happen tomorrow, but it already happened yesterday. 

This is what happened with micropayments. We have written more than once or twice about the favorable prospects of IAP, but we were not at all ready for the fact that the traditional distribution scheme (buy and then play) will de facto completely give way to the entire market. 

The fact is that in the United States, more than 90% of mobile game revenue comes from micropayments. Newzoo analysts insist on this. In Europe, by comparison, IAP accounts for significantly less. In-game purchases generate 73% of income in Germany, and about 87% in France. 

Moreover, micropayments dominate both on iOS and Android. 

If we compare the gaming revenues of iOS and Android in general, then there were no surprises. The total profit from games distributed on the iTunes App Store is five times more than the total profit of Android games. Moreover, in March in the USA, iOS games earned 84% of all App Store and Google Play money.

A brief version of the study can be found here

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