Angry Birds Space: 50 million in 35 days

The latest Rovio game turned out to be a real spring blockbuster of the mobile gaming industry, gaining 50 million downloads in record time. 

Just a little less than a month ago, we wrote about overcoming such a threshold with the game Draw Something in just 50 days, and hinted that the game application from OMGPOP is the Angry Birds of our days. As it turned out, we were a little hasty to write off the Rovio series from the accounts. The other day it became known that the space adventures of angry birds were downloaded 50 million times in 35 days.

So Angry Birds Space can now quite officially be called “the fastest growing mobile app in the world.” In turn, the series about how birds take revenge on evil green pigs can once again be recognized as the most widespread project on mobile platforms in the entire history of the industry, even taking into account the legendary Snake series. 

Recall that before the start of sales of Angry Birds Space, the series had about 700 million downloads. Now, it is assumed on Pocket Gamer, this figure may well be 800 million. The Finnish snake absorbing squares game was installed “only” on 400 million devices (and then by the phone manufacturer, not by users). 

When calculating Angry Birds Space downloads, the following platforms were taken into account: iOS, Android, BlackBerry PlayBook, PC and Mac.

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