The authors of Angry Birds have left their native nest

Thanks to just one game released “at the right time and in the right place”, a small Finnish studio is now turning into a full-fledged entertainment corporation with its plush toys, animated series and key chains. And, apparently, not everyone in the company is satisfied with this. 

Antti Stén, the lead server programmer of the original Angry Birds (pictured left), and Tuomas Erikoinen, the lead artist of the entire series (pictured right), left Rovio to found a new studio Boomlagoon. And although such a step may seem strange to someone (money, stability, familiar faces around), it does not cause much surprise: doing the same game for about five years (and in the future for the same amount) is still a job.

In the new studio, based right there in Helsinki, Stan became the executive director, and Erikoinen became the creative director. They are going to start by developing HTML5 games for the web. In the future, work on mobile games. At the moment, the guys are also actively looking for investors.  

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