DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom - review

There is such a belief: if swallows fly low above the ground, it will rain. There is something similar in the gaming industry too. If there is a sea and a small ocean of hack & slash on the market, this is for the next Diablo.

Publisher: Triniti Interactive

Rating: 6 out of 10

Price: $0.99

Evidence: – the project received a feature in 874 positions

– the game stayed in the American top 10 role-playing games for a week

– average rating in the USA – 3

DevilDark is just one of those projects for which you can pass the evening in anticipation of the arrival of a new hit (no one doubts, yes) from Blizzard.

Except that stylistically he has adopted too much from another “clone” — the joyful Torchlight, the second part of which is also due to appear on the market soon.

The main disadvantage of the project is that the quest system is too similar to the one that is still actively involved in the MMOs that are full of teeth: score ten wild boars, collect twenty tails. So it turns out that instead of vigorous plot runs we have monotonous hikes.

Nevertheless, even considering the need to return to other dungeons over and over again, as well as the lack of character settings, the game cannot but be praised for the cute drive and the ability to kick aggressive pigs with boots.

Link to the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/devildark-the-fallen-kingdom/id487067872?mt=8

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