Box office hits 18.04.2012 – 25.04.2012

The top ten highest-grossing games on the leading mobile platforms iPhone, iPad and Android.

Every Thursday we publish a list of the highest-grossing games over the past seven days, briefly talk about newcomers to the top, and also comment on what is happening.

iPhone1. Poker by Zynga – free

2. DragonVale – free

3. Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – free

4. Slotomania – free

5. Draw Something by OMGPOP – $1,99

6. Angry Birds Space – $0,99

7. Design This Home – free

8 Bejeweled Blitz – Free

9. Texas Poker – free

10. Deer Hunter Reloaded – free

The only chart in which there are as many as two paid applications, all other cash games are distributed absolutely free of charge. However, it is clear that for a full-fledged game they mean IAP. Out of curiosity: Poker by Zynga still took the first place. In addition to him, there are two more gambling applications in the top. Of the classic “time killers”, only Angry Birds Space and Bejeweled Blitz. The shooter of the week is Deer Hunter Reloaded, which also heads the top free iPhone apps.

iPad1. Slotomania HD – free

2. DragonVale – free

3. Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – free

4. Kingdom Age – free

5. Poker by Zynga – free

6. Slotomania – free

7. Angry Birds Space HD – $2,99

8. Modern War – free

9. Bejeweled Blitz – free

10. Texas Poker – free

A very similar situation. Only here the palm belongs to a very colorful and, between us, hypnotic Slotomania HD application. Curiously, there is also a simple Slotomania in the top. Of the new releases, it should be noted, of course, Kingdom Age – an unusual mix of farm, Diablo and the average strategy of 15 years ago.

Android1. Rage of Bahamut – free

2. Live Holdem Poker Pro – free

3. Zynga Poker – free

4. Drag Racing: Bike Edition – free

5. Slot City – Slot Machines – for free

6. Slotomania – free

7. Draw Something by OMGPOP – $1,99

8. Temple Run – free

9. Tap Fish – free

10. Defender II – free

On the Google platform, another card game, Rage of Bahamut, does not allow poker to break into the leaders, ironically. The Japanese miracle, apparently, impressed the Americans so much that in a week they raised it from fourth to first place with micropayments. As for Defender II, everything is simple and clear here: a game in the style of tower defense with high-quality implementation is still welcome.

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