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How much mobile games earn per year and in which markets, what the average mobile player looks like and what types of monetization there are, how much mobile gaming advertising brings and what the industry will be like in three years – analysts from Superdata told about this and much more.

Some time ago, they presented the results of their own research on the mobile market in a very visual and interesting presentation. Below are the main conclusions that analysts have made.

1. By 2015, the turnover of the mobile gaming industry will reach $7.5 billion (in 2011 it amounted to $2.7 billion).

2.Asia is currently the largest mobile games market, its turnover by 2015 will be $3.2 billion

3. 55% of revenue from mobile applications is generated by f2p applications, another 6% is advertising.

4. From 3.5% to 10% of users of f2p games become paying players.

5. Most of these users spend from $8 – $15 per month on games.

They also told a little about the global level of smartphone penetration.
The original can be found here.
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