Android occupies 42% of the tablet market

Analysts from Javelin Strategy & Research believe that very soon the share of Android tablets on the market will be greater than the share of tablets from Apple. 

The analytical company conducted two studies, one in October, the other in December 2011. About 5 thousand people took part in each of them. Each time, users were asked about which tablets they have. The interviewees were allowed to specify several devices at once (for this reason, if you sum up the numbers listed below, you will get not 100%, but a little more). 

By the way, Javelin Strategy & Research specialists for some reason considered the B&N Nook an Android tablet, which is not entirely true. And, again, it is not entirely clear why, with this approach, the researchers separately considered the Kindle Fire.

Be that as it may, the total number of Android devices involved – 42% – causes a strong feeling that Apple’s hegemony in the tablet market will indeed come to an end soon. On the other hand, looking at the current situation around the iPhone, you can be sure that the iPad will consistently generate a large profit.

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