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The top five highest-grossing games of this week in the US version of iTunes Apple Store and Google Play. From now on, on Thursdays on App2Top.ru .

Every Thursday we will not only publish a list of the highest-grossing games for a particular day (in this case, Wednesday), but also compare their positions with the results of last Wednesday. We will briefly tell about each newcomer. 

iPhoneKingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North is a social strategy game from Kabam, which is a dime a dozen on iOS.


Its success, according to Western reviewers, is due to the fact that every aspect of the game is analyzed in detail in the tutorial. Moreover, despite the usual micromanagement for games of this genre, the player is not lost in numerous menus and buttons. “For example, if I want to, but for some reason I can’t improve the barracks,” Rob Rich writes in his review on 148apps.com “I can find out in one click for what reason, I can’t do it.” 

Poker by Zynga is a perfectly implemented poker (neat and intuitive interface, the ability to chat directly in the game, a lot of settings). Among other things, it is integrated with Facebook. So the player always has the opportunity to play Texas Hold’em with his friends. 

DragonVale is essentially a farm in which, instead of beds, the player grows cute little dragons, and at the same time builds a city. Since any action in the game takes place very, very slowly, monetization is focused on speeding up the whole thing. The game is clearly aimed at a children’s audience.

Draw Something by OMGPOP – as it seems to us, it needs no introduction. 

Slotomania is a bright, colorful “one-armed bandit” from Playtika LTD. It is unpleasant that, judging by the schedule, it is also focused on children. 

iPadTexas Poker is another variation of poker, only this time from KAMAGAMES.

It is also very pleasant for “taste and color” (here you will receive gifts to friends, the same chat, and a tutorial).

Angry Birds Space – also, it seems, needs no introduction.

AndroidDrag Racing is an Estonian “May brut”, which, despite the frankly gray graphics and unremarkable gameplay (there are a lot of such projects in the same Vkontakte), unexpectedly hit the jackpot. 

Live Holdem Poker Pro – and another poker, where, just don’t laugh, you can block messages from the chat. A good plus. 

Rage of Bahamut is a card game in the style of MTG in the Japanese manner. 

Pay attentionWe will not draw any conclusions, but we draw your attention to the fact that of all the top applications, only one is paid.

Everyone else earns on micropayments. In addition, it is not yet obvious in the leaders, but gambling is already beginning to prevail. 

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