How to succeed on Android?

It’s all about search engine optimization. Fiksu found out that in most cases, users find applications in Android stores thanks to search, not charts and ratings.

In fact, we have already written about how to correctly compose descriptions for games and what to pay attention to when placing an application in the markets. But we couldn’t get past the new Fiksu material about the secrets of marketing on the Android platform. 

Search matters

The source of about 75% of “organic” downloads on Android are search queries. Of these, 50% are requests to search for a specific brand (birds, running through tombs, and so on). 

Half of the users who find the application in this way are highly likely to turn into loyal. So stop thinking about the places in the tops, focus on the places in the search results. 


The 30 characters available in the title are the main thing you have on the Android platform, so use them wisely. The keyword in the title raises the application in the search results by 80-100 positions up. It doesn’t make sense to use it more than once.

Description and promo

The description of the application must contain at least 5 keywords in order for your application to rise another 10-20 positions. Similar keywords are grouped together. 

And finally, 10 possible steps to improve your own results in search results on the Android platform.

1. Use keywords related to your application (use Google AdWords Traffic Estimator to prioritize). 2. Include the most popular ones in the name of your application.

3. Mention the app name and keywords at least five times in the description.

4. Bind the developer’s name and package name (bundle) to the application (this also affects the search results).

5. The application logo should graphically display its name (the application called “Typewriter” – there should be a typewriter on the logo).

6. Parasitic: think about using keywords and the names of competitors’ games (although in some stores they are removed for this).

7. Geographical: Also consider placing the name of the city or country in the description, if it has anything to do with your application.

8. Measure the position in the search results of all your keywords.

9. Measure the traffic from keyword search throughout each week.

10. If it doesn’t work, change the keywords in the title and repeat.

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