Sony is learning from the mobile industry

MotorStorm: RC diverges on PSP Vita no worse than a good project for iOS and Android. The secret of success lies in the pricing policy that Sony has adopted from the market of applications for handheld devices. 

To stop the talk that sales of the new PSP Vita portable console leave much to be desired, Sony has published data demonstrating the strength of one of the main Vita releases – MotorStorm: RC. 

According to them, the game, whose release took place on February 22 of this year, is currently being downloaded at a rate of 19 downloads per minute. This is about 27 thousand installations per day, 190 thousand downloads per week and about 820 thousand downloads per month.

Moreover, according to Sony statistics, the game is not only downloaded (this is not the most unambiguous success parameter), but also actively played: every 60 seconds eight bronze PSN trophies find their heroes.

The fact is that Sony was able to achieve such impressive figures only thanks to an unexpected pricing policy for consoles in relation to MotorStorm: RC. In the UK, the company sells the game for a little less than 5 pounds, in the USA the game is free (temporarily, though).

In other words, a large console project distributed for an amount close to mobile applications or for free provides a decent number of downloads, along with strong mobile projects. 

However, it is not entirely clear whether such an approach will pay for development without using paid DLC or API?   

Anyway, if Sony decides that the experience has been successful, it is quite possible to wait for the appearance of new inexpensive projects. In theory (and with a bit of good imagination), even a conditional rivalry between the PSP Vita and iPad as gaming platforms for hardcore players is possible. 


Important detail regarding downloads: MotorStorm: RC is available in both PS3 and PSP Vita versions. In its report, Sony does not disclose the number of downloads by platform. 

A source: http://www.pocketgamer.biz

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