Ice Age Village has 5 million downloads in the first week

The new strategy of the French company Gameloft works perfectly on mobile platforms: in just 7 days of “rental”, a free game based on a popular cartoon turned out to be in the top five highest-grossing projects in 50 countries around the world. 

At the end of last March, the company announced its strategy for 2012. According to her, all mobile projects released by Gameloft during the reporting period will support micropayments. Moreover, each of them will be “very social”. 

In other words, the company, which previously could be called an adherent of premium applications, the price of which sometimes amounted to about $ 7, announced the transition to a free-to-play distribution model. 

Given the popularity of the f2p model, this decision can hardly be called risky, but Gameloft still hedged. She bought the rights to develop mobile games based on such films as “Ice Age 4”, “Men in Black 3”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “The Avengers”, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and many others.

One of the first games released “under license” and distributed conditionally, was the Ice Age Village farm, released on April 5. 

A week later, the game tops the top free apps in 50 countries in the iPhone version and 90 countries, including the USA, in the iPad version. It is also in the top of the highest-grossing apps in 50 countries. 

So we can safely say that the company’s management has chosen the right strategy for 2012.

A source: http://www.sacbee.comhttp://www.pocketgamer.biz

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