Freedom from joysticks!

The former producer of Metal Gear Solid 4, who was also responsible for the design of Halo 4, is developing survival-horror specifically for iOS. 

Today, many players dream of seeing Mass Effect and Half-Life level projects on iOS. The problem is that it is impossible to adequately transfer them to a mobile platform. And it’s not about the modest technical characteristics of the devices, but in a fundamentally different control – touch.

There are several solutions to this problem. The first – “head-on” – is the connection to the tablet of the game controller. By the way, there are already rumors that Apple itself may introduce it in the near future (something like this already exists – called Fling). 

However, even if the controller is released, which, of course, will be distributed separately, games designed for it will not be able to enjoy the popularity that, for example, projects like Angry Birds enjoy. The reason is precisely that not everyone will have this same controller (the main problem of marketers is to sell a product that requires the purchase of another product to work). 

The second solution is to initially do high–end projects with an eye to touch control. It was along this path that the Camouflage studio went, starting the development of the Republique project.

Last year I decided: stop complaining about the almost complete lack of worthwhile games on mobile devices – it’s time to take up the development of such a game myself,” explains Ryan Payton, founder of Camouflage, who worked on projects such as Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4, as well as Halo 4.

The game is based on George Orwell’s novel “1984”, or rather, ideas from it: a totalitarian society where every step is watched and every word is overheard. 

The player’s task is to help the heroine Republique escape. 

From where? 

It’s not clear yet. 


Activating and deactivating tracking devices, alarms, and also, apparently, distracting the guards.

To be honest, judging by the video, the game is very similar to Ghost Trick, despite the honest hi-end graphics and a completely different setting. Such an approach cannot but please. Playing various action games and scrollers using touch keys only irritates users, makes them dream of gamepads and joysticks that the tablet does not need at all.

Together with Camouflage, Logan studio specialists are working on the game.

At the moment, the project lacks $ 500 thousand to complete (the game has been in development for six months). The team plans to raise these funds using the Kickstarter service, which we wrote about recently.

By the way, his services have recently been resorted to by no less a cult personality than Tim Schafer – Jane Jensen, the creator of Gabriel Knight. However, why she should resort to fan help is not entirely clear, because she quite successfully returned to the industry a couple of years ago with the Gray Matter project.

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