Possible alternatives to UDID

W3i employees presented a whole list of possible solutions that make it possible to almost painlessly survive Apple’s ban on using UDID.

W3i, a company specializing in promotion and monetization, said that Apple’s decision to restrict the use of UDID on iOS will lead to the emergence of a third-party standard for unique user identification. 

Despite the fact that it is not yet clear what Apple is doing with applications using UDID (the “Cupertinos” themselves deny that they are removing such programs), all interested parties need to choose a full-fledged alternative to the usual UDID right now, according to W3i.

Blocking access to UDID information has a huge impact on the industry, since all developers and networks use these identifiers to collect information,” W3i representatives said.

To solve the urgent problem, the industry needs a new common identification standard.”

And the problem here lies in the fact that many companies have proposed their own original solutions and, at the moment, it is not entirely clear which one should be adopted. Moreover, the companies themselves are beginning to look for flaws in each other’s solutions, and to shield their solutions on the contrary. 

So it is not surprising that W3i decided to express its opinion on this issue (the company stands for OpenUDID). Another thing is how she approached this issue!  

W3i presented a whole summary table with the pros and cons of various alternatives to the usual UDID.

The authors of OpenUDID are Appsfire, which the creators of the competitive SecureUDID solution from Crashlytics have already criticized for the fact that their offer differs little from the existing UDID. 

Anyway, time will tell about who the majority of developers will rally around (and whether there will be a leader at all or the market will share five or six relatively popular solutions among themselves).

A source: http://www.pocketgamer.biz

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