New iPad 2 with a surprise

Are you looking at the new iPad? Take a closer look at the updated version of the iPad 2, whose processor, as the experts of the Anandtech portal found out, is somewhat cooler than that of the third-generation tablet.

Do you think the new iPad 2 for $399 (which can be bought in Europe, respectively, for 399 euros) is a copy of the original tablet released a year ago? Now imagine that you are fundamentally wrong. He has a very cool pebble inside. 


The thing is that the $399 Wi-Fi iPad 2, the only iPad 2 that Apple is officially selling now (we are not talking about other distributors whose warehouses may contain older versions of the iPad 2) uses an improved version of the dual-core A5 processor. At least, the specialists of the Anandtech portal insist on this. 

What is the difference?

The new chip is smaller, it is built on the basis of a 32 nm (nanometer) technical process. While the chip of a similar iPad 2 was built on the basis of a 45 nm process technology. It’s funny, but the chip used in the iPad 3 was also manufactured by Samsung using 45 nanometer technology. 

And although tests comparing the performance of the old and new iPad 2 have not yet been arranged, Anandtech suggested that the new process technology had a positive effect on the operating time of the updated iPad 2.

According to rumors, a single-core version of the new processor is also used in Apple TV. 

A source:  http://news.cnet.comhttp://www.anandtech.com

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