Google Tablet: rumors and assumptions

There are rumors and rumors. In some, a small but extremely important detail is in doubt, in others, absolutely everything is in doubt. The electronic edition of Verge recently just told one of these dubious stories about the new Google tablet.

Google has been working on the mythical seven-inch device for many months. The project is being done jointly with Asus, the creators of the Eee Pad Transformer Prime, the most successful Android tablet at the moment, not counting the Kindle Fire, of course. It was planned that it would be released under two brands at once just this May.

However, someone at Google didn’t like its design right before the device went into production. Therefore, the release was postponed to July.

But if everything is not completely clear with the design of the device, then its filling is a quad–core Nvidia Tegra 3. As for the OS, it is, of course, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The price of the future tablet, according to the same rumors, will be $ 250, which will allow it to compete with Amazon Kindle. Such a step can be called both successful from the point of view of marketing, as well as recognition of defeat in front of the iPad, refusal to compete with it.  

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