Max Payne on Cosmonautics Day!

Following GTA and Baldur‘s Gate, the cult action movie Max Payne is going to come to mobile platforms.

The first rumors that Rockstar Games is working on a mobile version of the noir legend of the early noughties appeared back in September 2011. Neither the release dates nor the platforms on which it will appear were known at that time. Therefore, the announcement of Max Payne Mobile last Saturday was, to put it mildly, unexpected.

Rockstar Games has scheduled the release of the action movie on iOS for Cosmonautics Day – April 12. It is planned that two weeks later – on April 26 – it will be followed by the version of Max Payne for Android.

The game, according to the official press release, is an exact copy of the original PC of 2001, optimized to work on mobile devices. However, it is not yet known on which Android gadgets it will go. But lovers of bitten apples have nothing to worry about. The game will support all iOS gadgets, starting with the iPhone 3 GS.

They also promise the availability of HD graphics, high-resolution textures, customizable controls, as well as integration with the Rockstar social gaming network (yes, it also has one) – Social Club.

However, at the moment it is alarming that the screenshots provided by the company have a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels native to the PC version of the game. 

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