Battleloot Adventure - review

A turn—based role-playing game on an iPad is something like a fix idea for old hardcore guys who are lucky enough to get an iPad. And many of them sincerely do not understand why there is nothing useful, not counting the strong Hunters and the ugly Avadon: The Black Fortress, as well as a whole brood of Final Fantasy ports from Square Enix at crazy prices of $ 16-20 on the platform is not. More precisely, it wasn’t until recently.

Publisher and Developer: Digital Tales

Release date: March 19

Price: $0.99

Evidence:- the project received a feature on the iTunes Home Page 90 positions 

– The HD version of the game received a feature in iTunes at 718 positions

– The HD version stayed in the American top five role-playing games for more than two weeks 

– the average rating in the American App Store is 3.5 

Battleloot Adventure — you can partly call them a dream come true.

Before us is a real role-playing game with a bias in jRPG-action.

Speaking of business, we have eight heroes (two in each class), a map of the kingdom of Kamilut and a sea of quests on it. They all come down to destroying monsters. The latter proceeds very simply. There is a battlefield — heroes on one side, monsters on the other. The player gives orders to the heroes (attacking, defensive, therapeutic), then the opponent’s turn comes. And so on to the victorious end.

One of the interesting innovations is the ability to defend against an enemy attack by reacting to a quick event or, again, by reacting in time, to strengthen your attack. Between quests, we choose which characters will go on the task, change their equipment, buy health elixirs. In other words, we do everything that is accepted in a decent role—playing game.

The plot, however, is not normal, but there is a positive cartoon graphics in the style of teenage comics. It is mainly she who sets a good mood.

Link to the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/battleloot-adventure/id475728716?mt=8

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