Apple is developing its own gamepad

Western journalists are sure that the Apple company is developing an original controller for its devices.

In a review of the new iPad, the experts of the “iron” site complained about the lack of a controller for it. Then they noted that there is such support on Android (Logitech’s Wireless Gamepad F710 can be connected to ASUS Transformer Prime), and in the end they said that they were aware of the development of such a device by Apple itself. The authors of the article, however, immediately noted that when it will appear and whether it will appear at all is not known. 

The next–generation iPad console?

The news is controversial. She has a direct road to “rumors”, because it is well known how Apple treats the idea of controllers, the very presence of which to their device will call into question the self-sufficiency of touch control.

Another thing is that at this stage the iPad has come close to the consoles in terms of technical parameters. Now, theoretically, it is possible to launch large projects on it. Many mobile app developers deliberately go to complicate their games. Moreover, hardcore is becoming more and more in demand on this initially casual platform and from the gaming audience. 

Where the gameplay becomes more complicated, the management also becomes more complicated – there is a need for the same controller. So it turns out that the appearance of a gamepad from Apple is quite possible.

In the end, such a step in the development of the iOS platform may lead to the fact that the war of the next generation of consoles will already be going on between Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and, attention, Apple.

A source: http://www.anandtech.com

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