Super Meat Boy will appear on iOS

The authors of one of the bloodiest platformers announced that they will release a special version of the game on iOS and other mobile systems.

The new – mobile – Super Meat Boy is being developed from scratch. The developers from Team Meat rightly decided that a full-fledged porting of such a complex game is impossible.

Unfortunately, there was no way to do this so that the game would not turn into a pile of garbage. Super Meat Boy is a hardcore platformer with complex controls that would be impossible to implement on a touch screen,” Edmund McMillen, one of the game’s developers, noted in his post.

The new game, according to him, is being developed specifically for touch devices. There will be no buttons “occupying and blocking the entire screen.” Moreover, despite the fact that it will have the features of the original project, the new Super Meat Boy is “a completely new game, with new graphics, with new sound, with everything new.”

The game is not an iOS exclusive and will most likely be released on several platforms, although it is not yet known exactly which ones. Work on the project, according to the developers, began quite recently, however, the first concept is already ready.

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Creating a new game based on a popular franchise is a great step for a small team. It is believed that such games are more likely to receive features from Apple, in addition, the attention of the press has been riveted to them from the very beginning. The rejection of porting, in turn, although it increases the cost of development, but at the same time fuels interest. Moreover, such a step will allow us to hope that the new Team Meat project will repeat the success of the original, but already on the mobile market.

A source: http://supermeatboy.com

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