Prices are rising, but downloads are falling

The cost of attracting a user in February increased significantly, and the number of downloads decreased due to Apple’s active actions. 

The average cost of attracting a loyal user on the iOS platform in February increased by 15% compared to January to $1.32. At the same time, the number of downloads fell for the first time in six months. Perhaps this is a consequence of Apple’s sensational struggle with bots.

The increase in cost (its first increase, it is assumed that there will be at least two more) is attributed by Fiksu experts to the desire of advertisers to increase their campaign budgets at least to the pre-Christmas level, when the cost of attracting a loyal user was $ 1.43. 

As for the reduction in the number of downloads, it was minimal – 6% of the record January figure of 6.79 million downloads and, as already mentioned, is more likely to be not the first evidence of a drop in the pace of market development, but a consequence of its cleaning by Tim Cook’s company. 

By the way, a loyal user is someone who opens the application at least three times.

A source: http://www.insidemobileapps.com

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