Apple claims it is not going to abandon UDID

The Cupertinos explained their position on the identification codes: so far, no one is going to delete applications using UDID. 

A pleasant surprise – Apple is not going to remove and has not removed apps from the App Store just because they use the unique identification code of “apple” devices.

Moreover, one of the industry insiders told Pocket Gamer reporters that in a conversation with him, Apple representatives called the information about the rejection of UDID that slipped through this week rumors. 

As for the reasons why the company has removed a number of applications and games, they are slightly different from those stated in the “rumors”. Those applications that have poorly protected data (for example, the SSL encryption library is used), or those that do not allow users to opt out of using UDID, have been removed and will be excluded from the App Store in the future. 

Such statements from Apple demonstrate the complexity of the situation. 

The mobile industry, in general, and Apple, in particular, are under the close attention of the American and European governments. They carefully monitor what happens to personal information in this, if I may say so, sector. 

So every company that creates and maintains a platform, the work in which involves the disclosure of certain personal information by the user, finds itself in a difficult, one might even say, suspended situation, depending on how European parliamentarians and American congressmen behave in the future. 

So it turns out that it is not yet possible to talk with confidence about the bright future of UDID, despite Apple’s assurances. 

A source: http://www.pocketgamer.biz

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