There are 100 million mobile players in the USA

About 100 million American users play on their smartphones, tablets and iPod touch devices, according to experts from Newzoo.

Analysts of the research company found that the number of mobile players in the United States in 2011 increased by 35% to an astronomical amount of 100 million people. Moreover, 69 million users play on smartphones, 21 million on tablets, and a solid 18 million on iPod touch. Yes, another 19 million people use simple phones to play.

For comparison, the European audience of mobile games grew by 15% over the year to 70 million gamers. 48 million of them play on smartphones, 11 million on tablets, 8 million on iPod touch and another 18 on phones.

Interestingly, although there are more men among the players than women, it is insignificant: 55% vs. 45% in the USA and 52% vs. 48% in Europe. 

Also, according to Newzoo estimates, about $ 5.8 billion was spent on games over the year. Moreover, most of them came from free-to-play projects (90% of mobile gaming costs in the USA, 79% in Europe).

From curious figures: 62% of hardcore gamers in the USA also play mobile games.

A source: newzoo

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