Baldur's Gate will be released on iPad

The game, thanks to which Bioware became famous, will appear in the Apple App Store in the summer in a version for the new iPad. 

Unfortunately, there are very few details about the upcoming release yet. It is known that the Overhaul Games team is engaged in porting, which previously released the updated MDK 2 HD on PC, which was well received by both players and the press. 

Running on an improved version of the ancient Infinity Engine, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will include the original Baldur’s Gate, the Tales of the Sword Coast addon, as well as a new quest and a new party member. 

Whether the game will support the Retina screen resolution or vice versa – whether it will only support it – is not yet known for sure. However, judging by the name of the announcement address (baldurs-gate-enhanced-edition-for-ipad-3), the game is intended only for iPad 3 (yes, yes, another reason to change iPad 2).  

By the way, judging by the screenshots, the game got the interface from the second part.  

A source: http://www.baldursgate.com

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