In 44% of cases, mobile games are played at home

Mobile games are made, as a rule, with the expectation of short-term gaming sessions. It is assumed that this approach to design allows you to play them anywhere – on the way, in a diner, in a queue when there is nothing to do. But according to the latest study of the gaming audience, they are most often played at home. 

The study was conducted by Miniclip and MoPub. During it, 1,625 people who play a particular game from Miniclip were interviewed. The question to everyone was the same: where do you usually play this game?

44% of respondents answered that they usually play at home. Almost a quarter of respondents – 22% – said they were playing while waiting for someone or something. 21% of respondents noted that they launch a gaming application while traveling, and the remaining 13% said that they play in restaurants.

Miniclip and MoPub also found that parents are most predisposed to playing outside the home. However, they did not specify what the reason for this is: that children distract them from the gameplay at home, or that they, in principle, have less free time.   

26% of parents allow their children to play games while traveling somewhere and 42% noted that they allow their offspring to play in catering places. 

Also, during the study, it turned out that the feature in the App Store and Google Play is the main reason to download something. In other words, 37% of respondents noted that they downloaded the Miniclip app because they saw it on display in the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace. 16% said that they downloaded the app for the reason that they had already bought a game from Miniclip before, and another 15% said that they bought the game because they saw its advertising on the Miniclip portal.

A source: http://www.insidemobileapps.com

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