PlayPhone will allow iOS and Android users to play with each other in multiplayer

PlayPhone has introduced a new cross-platform API that allows iOS and Android users to play realtime projects with each other.

The company has already implemented a new tool, called InstaMultiplay, in the SDK for its Social Gaming Network (SGN) gaming platform. So developers can already embed it into their multiplayer projects. At the same time, they will not need any additional server support.

Games that will support InstaMultiplay will allow users to invite friends to the game regardless of which mobile platform they use (iOS or Android), play with randomly selected people from around the world, possibly promote those projects that are not particularly popular among users, as well as challenge AI opponents.

Social games on smartphones and tablets are still a nascent segment that puts a heavy burden on the shoulders of developers, forcing them to come up with something new, gain a user base, as well as monetize applications, and do it all at the same time,” says Ron Czerny, founder and CEO of PlayPhone.

At GDC 2012, according to PlayPhone, a demo version of InstaMultiplay was shown, illustrating how iPhone users can play multiplayer products with other iOS and Android users with a delay of less than a quarter of a second using 3G. 

“The development of InstaMultiplay is the main feat of our technical team. They accepted this challenge in order to free developers from the need to independently develop their own server infrastructure each time aimed at managing cross-platform multiplayer games,” Cherni also notes.     

The launch of InstaMultiplay took place after PlayPhone acquired the SocialHour marketing company for $51.5 million.

A source: http://www.pocketgamer.biz/   

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