Nokia Delivers Windows Phone Growth

Microsoft’s mobile platform in the UK market is growing mainly due to sales of the Lumia 800; American users are more satisfied with the Lumia 710 than the iPhone 4S.

In four months – from November 2011 to February of this year – the share of Windows Phone in the British market has grown to 2.5%. Of course, Google and Apple are too early to worry – they have 48.5% and 28.7% of the market, respectively. However, for the Finnish giant, this indicator is significant for two reasons.

The first is that the growing popularity of WP is entirely due to the Lumia 800. This smartphone accounts for about 87% of all sales of Windows Phone devices in the UK.

The second reason is not so positive for Nokia: the share of Symbian in the British market is now less than that of WP by 0.1% and is 2.4%. A year ago it was 10% more. 

Nokia in the USA

Another Finnish device, the Lumia 710, enjoys some success on the American market. However, it’s too early to talk about sales figures: Nokia has not yet disclosed them. But it is known that users are more satisfied with it than the iPhone 4S.

At least this is what Argus Insights analysts insist on, who conducted a study among users on their satisfaction with their devices. 

Experts believe that such a high level of satisfaction is associated with the low price of the Lumia 710. So, in their opinion, Nokia has adopted the experience of Amazon, which released a cheap tablet to the market, thereby ensuring good sales.

By the way, while the satisfaction level of the Galaxy Note is growing, the iPhone 4S remains at the same level, the Lumia 710 it is falling.

Nevertheless, in general, both trends – both in the British and American markets – indicate that the scenario according to which the union of Microsoft and Nokia will lead to their leadership in the mobile market is quite possible.

A source: http://www.pocketgamer.biz

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