AIR 3.2 runs 1000 times faster than its predecessor

Adobe is actively promoting its AIR 3.2 development suite, trying to push its main competitor in the cross-platform engine market – Unity. 

According to Adobe, AIR 3.2 renders 1000 times faster than AIR 2 and provides better 2D and 3D support. As an example, the company cites the Waste Invaders game from Waste Creative, which can be played on the Adobe gaming site. The main advantage of the project is that it looks great on the iPad 2 and produces a solid 60 frames per second on a mobile device.

By the way, the Waste Creative code is available for download. So Adobe AIR fans, as well as those who want to understand it, can carefully study what and how in the new SDK using a specific example.

As for the general situation with AIR, according to Diana Helander, Adobe Gaming Solutions Marketing Manager: “The number of iOS and Android apps built on AIR has increased seven times compared to last year.”

And although it’s a little premature to say that a war has already begun between Adobe and Unity for supremacy in the cross-platform engine market, no one doubts that it will be. 

The new AIR 3.2 SDK supports both traditional platforms like iOS, Android and BlackBerry, as well as Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. As for the full list of changes, it can be found on the Adobe website. 

Source: http://www.pocketgamer.biz

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