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In this issue of the digest: the authors of The Elder Scrolls are going to develop games for iOS; BAFTA has distributed awards to the best games; the results of the first reviews of the new iPad; Tim Cook will share his financial plans with the public today.  

Bethesda Goes to Mobile

The creators of Skyrim are going to develop games for mobile platforms. It is not yet known what kind of games they will be. With a certain accuracy, so far we can only say that they will be created with an eye on iOS. 

The source of the news is a vacancy for an iOS programmer that appeared recently on the website of ZeniMax Media, whose division is Bethesda. A rather unambiguous comment is attached to the vacancy: “Bethesda Game Studios is looking for an experienced iOS programmer to work on games that have not yet been announced.”  

Gaming Oscar

Last Friday, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) held an award ceremony for video games. There were surprises, for example, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim did not receive any awards, although it was nominated for five. In turn, Portal 2, the creation of Gabe Newell’s studio, received as many as three statuettes. 

As for the “Mobile Games” nomination that interests us, the Peggle HD game from PopCap unexpectedly received an award for it. However, the list of candidates for this nomination, in general, was ambiguous. For the statuette, not counting Peggle HD, fought: Dead Space (EA), Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint (Zee-3), Quarrel (UTV Ignition), Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo) and The Nightjar (Somethin’ Else).     

First opinions about the new iPad

Last Friday, sales of the third generation iPad began in 10 countries – including the USA, Australia, Great Britain and France. So the most active Apple fans, including many journalists, have already managed to get the coveted gadget and even share their impressions about it.

The essence of most of them boils down to the following: the key difference between the new iPad and the iPad 2 is a stunning screen. As for performance, it, visually, remained at the same level. From which we can conclude that the main task of Apple engineers when creating a new device was to ensure that the speed of the new device, with a four-fold increase in screen resolution, did not differ from the speed of the previous devices in the series.

Yes, concerns about possible brakes also turned out to be groundless. Everything works on the new iPad as smoothly as on the iPad 2. 

It is curious, but visually the new iPad is almost no different from the previous model. In that case, if you turn off the gadget and put the iPad 2 next to it, it will be almost impossible to distinguish the devices from each other. They are very close in weight, identical in appearance.

By the way, on March 25, the new iPad will be available in 25 more countries, not counting those where it is already underway. Among the lucky ones: Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic and Finland (waiting for queues at the border).

Put in a word about Apple’s billions

A little funny news especially for those who like to look into someone else’s wallet. Today at 17.00 Moscow time Tim Cook (Tim Cook) he is going to tell how his company will spend its money. 

The question of what to do with the profit was asked, according to rumors, by Steve Jobs. His successor has apparently found a solution. 

In a press release sent out yesterday to a number of media outlets, it was reported that the conference will be of a financial nature, so it is not worth waiting for new releases. The speakers will be, respectively, Executive Director Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer (Peter Oppenheimer).  

Recall that Apple’s fortune at the moment is about $ 100 billion, as for the value of 1 share of the company, it currently amounts to a fantastic $ 600.

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