Expectations from the new iPad (author of the game "Democracy")

“The new iPad will cause another hysteria among manufacturers of Android tablets,” says Valentin Merzlikin, producer of NeskinSoft (Belarus), well known for one of the most relevant games about Russian reality – “Democracy“. His answers to questions about yesterday’s release of a new device in the iPad line can be found inside. 

Yesterday the new iPad went on sale, have you already ordered it? Our agent should be in line for the iPad, and, of course, we are waiting for him!

What did you expect from the device before its presentation a week ago?They expected exactly what they demonstrated from the device.

This time, the rumors circulating on the Internet turned out to be true, and the big surprise was only the name of the new iPad.

Did the presentation disappoint?We were waiting for some kind of breakthrough in the AppleTV field, but, thank God, everything remained the same.

AirPlay in the app and forward – this idea is already two years old.

What expectations do you associate with the new Apple device now?We hope that Apple will further consolidate its position as the leader of the tablet segment, and it will be even more interesting to work in this niche.

Are there any concerns about the new device?We are only afraid of the need to support another resolution for iOS devices, and a little bit of memory problems on new iPads.

How much will the new iPad change the mobile games market, in your opinion?The new iPad will cause another hysteria among Android tablet manufacturers, and they will again make some crazy devices that game developers will have to support.

Your attitude to the Retina display as a developer – did Apple hurry up with the introduction of such a gigantic resolution – it’s so much to redraw!If Apple is in a hurry, it’s only because it wants to remain a leader.

If there is a technology for Retina displays of this size, someone will certainly use it and collect the cream from the market. In general, the same thing can be advised to developers – who managed, and tops.

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