Expectations from the new iPad (author of the game Cover Orange)

“There will be a little more headache associated with graphics,” says Evgeny Kuzmin, responsible for the release of the hit Cover Orange, and also well-known online under the nickname Johnny-K. His answers to questions about yesterday’s release of a new device in the iPad line can be found inside.

Yesterday the new iPad went on sale, have you already ordered it? I ordered it from two stores.

Both ignored me – they didn’t call me back. The third time I called myself, they said that there was no stock yet (on their website they happily lied that the delivery was “right tomorrow”). In the fourth, they honestly write that the price is still unknown, there is also no stock. Froze in anticipation of the jump on the fourth.

What did you expect from the device before its presentation a week ago?What I was waiting for, they showed me.

There are four times more pixels, the camera is better, what else was there to wait for?

Did the presentation disappoint?Great presentation.

What expectations do you associate with the new Apple device now?A little more headache related to graphics.

Maybe they will come up with some kind of gamepad for games that touch control is not suitable for. After all, Apple admitted that the new device is a powerful game console, and ignoring first-person shooters and action games seems to be not too right. However, we’ll see.

Are there any concerns about the new device?No worries.

Somewhere I read the opinion of an “analyst” who was weaving something about the fact that the performance of the new device would be insufficient for games with new resolutions, that it was necessary to increase the processor power, that there would not be enough batteries, and that we would all die. Be afraid of such.

It’s Apple. Everything will be cool!

How much will the new iPad change the mobile games market, in your opinion?A lot of big games will appear.

Studios will start one after another, following Unreal, porting their engines to iOS, there will be many beautiful technodemos, and then, in fact, games. But the casuals aren’t going anywhere. They will become more beautiful, faster, richer. The new iPad will not change the market, rather, it will make it bigger, more attractive and more monetary.

Your attitude to the Retina display as a developer – did Apple hurry up with the introduction of such a giant resolution – it’s so much to redraw!Just right!

By the way, six months ago we already interviewed Evgeny. You can read it here.

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