The new version of Windows Phone will be shown in a week

Microsoft has sent out invitations to an event dedicated to the release of a new version of Windows Phone. It will be held in Beijing on March 21. 

However, there are no details about the event yet. Neither his schedule is known, nor what devices Microsoft is going to demonstrate to the public. 

Most likely, the owners of HTC TITAN, released on the 14th in China, will be the first to try the finished system. They say that the device comes pre-installed with WP 7.5.

Considering that on March 28, China will also host a Nokia event dedicated, according to rumors, to the launch of Lumia 610S, Lumia 719C and Lumia 800C, it is logical to assume that these devices will also hit the counter with an updated Windows Phone. 

By the way, the new system, which was developed under the codename Tango (not to be confused with the previous version of the platform – Mango), will be called 7.5 Refresh. 

The main innovation of the system is the reduction of hardware requirements for mobile devices. Now Windows Phone will have devices with 256 MB of RAM. Recall that all early versions of WP 7 could only work on those smartphones whose RAM was equal to or greater than 512 MB. 

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