Why is iOS better than Facebook?

The founder of CrowdStar explained in his interview why it is now better to work in the mobile market of social games than just in the social market. 

There is no monopoly on the mobile market now, he said in his interview pocketgamer.biz  Suren Markosian, head and founder of CrowdStar. If Zynga has the upper hand on Facebook, then there is no such advantage in favor of any one player on iOS or Android. 

None of the mobile publishers have concluded such deals, for example with Apple, which the heads of Zynga and Facebook concluded between themselves,” he says  Markosian .

On the other hand, the distribution of own projects is a problem for every player in the mobile market. And with its increase, it only becomes more serious. 

However, Markosian finds a counterbalance to this disadvantage: the convenience of monetization. Despite the fact that the cost of attracting users on iOS has already equaled the same on the Facebook platform, profit is more easily extracted from users of Apple’s mobile gadgets. 

At the moment, CrowdStar pays special attention to the female audience, which, according to Markosiana, previously was not part of the games market, and now is as demanding of products as the male audience.  

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