First spring releases

This working week promises to be long. To make it go faster, we have prepared an overview of four small projects that will definitely brighten up your working days. So, meet: Requiem: Unleashed, Mafia Rush, Nose Invaders and Rocket Weasel.

Requiem: Unleashed

Publisher and Developer: Skyboard AppsVersion: 1.0

Price: Free

Rating: 7 out of 10

Link to the App Store.

Requiem: Unleashed is a psychedelic horror, according to the plot of which a boy of eight gets into a nightmare, where he is chased through the medieval streets of Western Europe by a local analogue of the sinister Freddy Krueger — a bloody bull.

The guy can only escape by running to pegasus. Actually, the player is engaged in saving the main character.

The genre of Requiem: Unleashed is very rare — a three-dimensional first-person platformer. In fact, this is a strange mix of Temple Run and an ordinary shooter, which in general would not be worth talking about if not for two big “buts”.

The first is a wonderful level design. They are being rebuilt literally on the move, creating new obstacles or simply getting out from under their feet.

The second is the real atmosphere of sleep, and a terrible, unpleasant dream, from which you wake up in a cold sweat. So we can safely say that Requiem: Unleashed is the second project on the iPhone after Dead Space, which is really scary.

Yes, using the example of the creation of Skyboard Apps, you clearly understand the meaning of the expression “addiction to fear”. After the first level, it pulls to pass the second, then the third. Unfortunately, the game itself ends pretty quickly.

Mafia Rush

Publisher: ChillingoVersion: 1.1

Price: Free

Rating: 8 out of 10

Link to the App Store.

Mafia Rush is a “Brigade” for the youngest fans of Al Capone with the usual control for modern mobile arcade games and a cheerful soundtrack.

Such projects are also called arcade shooters “for two sticks”. It’s a pity, but for those who don’t have Fling (sucker sticks for iPad), it’s not as fun to play such things as, for example, owners of PS Vita. However, you can still get a lot of pleasure from the extermination of bulldogs and bouncers from Mafia Rush without suckers.

The secret is in the low difficulty of the game and the wonderful atmosphere of a gangster action movie. However, there are also disadvantages: Mafia Rush is criminally short. There are only five (!) levels for everything about everything. Even the presence of four game modes, role—playing characteristics of the main character and a rich arsenal does not save – the game is played on the move in an hour.

On the other hand, Mafia Rush does not let go for a moment during this whole hour.

Nose Invaders

Publisher and Developer: Dear Future AstronautVersion: 1.1

Price: $0.99

Rating: 7 out of 10

Link to the App Store.

Nose Invaders is a commercial project about a runny nose, made with a soul.

If last year the main game about fighting colds was published by the Japanese Gesundheit, then this time the antivirus banner was picked up by developers from the New York office of the DFA. And, unfortunately, there was no acid creativity (no piglets throwing slime). Everything is as cute as possible, at home: the main character, instead of asterisks, collects bacteria in the nasopharynx of three small representatives of the animal world: a man, a cow, an elephant.

The process of “collecting” is an original synthesis of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, with a visual bias towards the latter. Especially pleasing is the need to take into account the constantly changing direction of the wind (the patient’s breathing).

In general, a cute time killer, which, despite a very high level of performance, will not become a hit, at least for now. There are two reasons for this: large differences in complexity and a small number of levels (only 60 pieces for the “time killer” — deadly little).

Rocket Weasel

Publisher and Developer: Freeze TagVersion: 1.1

Price: $0.99

Rating: 8 out of 10

Link to the App Store.

Rocket Weasel is a slingshot pinball game about a weasel attached to a rocket and rescuing its friends.

Mobile app developers hate the creators of Angry Birds. Moreover, they are not limited to black envy. In front of. They create games in which birds are eaten, shredded, killed — in general, they do everything that ordinary developers dream of doing with the guys from Rovio.

Rocket Weasel is just one of these games. Moreover, its basic mechanics are taken straight from the “Angry Birds” mentioned more than once today. Although, of course, there were some changes. One of the most important is that the player does not destroy, but interacts with objects on the levels.

In other words, there is no total destruction: we launch a weasel through an iron pipe, a tire flies from the pipe to the sheep, they beat it backwards towards the iron cage — the hamster is free. Something like a pinball in a modern way. It is played fervently.

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