Flash GAMM Moscow 2012

On May 17, 2012, the Flash GAMM Moscow 2012 conference dedicated to the development of flash, social and mobile games will be held in Moscow at the Cosmos Hotel. 

According to the program, numerous lectures, master classes, business meetings and even Speed Game Dating will be held at the conference, in the format of which developers will be able to meet with the maximum number of publishers.

The organizers promise that the topics of lectures and meetings will definitely affect the development of games using flash, HTML5 and Unity. There will also be reports on graphics, animation, monetization, management and game publishing. 

In total, more than 30 reports and more than 700 participants are planned.  

Flash GAMM will last only one day, but the lectures will be held in as many as 4 streams. On the very next day after its closure – on May 18 – almost in the same halls, KRI 2012 will open.

You can learn more about Flash GAMM on the official website of the conference, where the countdown has already started (at the moment there are 75 days left before its opening, so you still have time to prepare for it). 

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