Men prefer for money, and women for free

The analytical company AYTM claims that men are more likely than women to spend money on applications, but women install them more.

Ahead of the iPad 3 announcement, analysts from Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) shared the results of a small study. During it, they interviewed about 500 owners of the previous version of the iPad. Users were asked about the “relationship” with the device.

According to the data obtained, about 75% of American iPad users have 11 or more free apps on their tablet. Paid programs, as expected, are not so popular. About 50% of respondents have 6 or more paid apps on their iPad. However, 20% of users do not have them at all.

Interestingly, men prefer to pay for apps more than women. Among the men surveyed, there were only 15% who did not have paid applications on the iPad, and 28% of such women.

It also turned out that women are more likely to install games than men (88% vs. 82%).

The most popular application and the most popular game at the same time, according to AYTM analysts, is quite expected to be Angry Birds. But in second place in terms of the number of mentions among the games was Temple Run. On the third, Plants vs. Zombies.

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