Users are falling in price

The cost of attracting users in January fell to the results of last spring, analysts say. At the same time, the number of downloads is only growing.  

The average cost of attracting a loyal user over the past January fell by 59% compared to the previous month: from $1.81 to $1.14, Fiksu reports

It has not been this low since May last year, when it was only $1.10 per user. 

Fiksu analysts attribute such a sharp drop in marketing costs to the end of the Christmas season of 2011, when the cost of attraction set a record for the entire existence of the market.

While the cost is falling, the number of downloads continues to grow for the fifth month in a row. Two hundred of the best iPhone apps, on average, generated about 6.79 million downloads per day in January. This is 12% more than in December, which at that time showed record figures of 6.04 million daily downloads. 

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